Things We Love About Nicaragua

The Things We Love About Nicaragua – The past few weeks in Nicaragua have been an adventure! Here’s a list of some of the five things we love about Nicaragua.

Five Things We Love About Nicaragua.


I’m a self-confessed chocolate addict! My happiness is directly linked to the amount of chocolate I eat, so you can imagine my horror when I couldn’t find much chocolate in Nicaragua. For a pretty penny you can buy a Snicker or a packet of M&Ms, but that’s about it! Luckily, I could drown my sorrows in ice-cream… And if there’s one thing you can get in Nicaragua, it’s ice-cream! From ice-cream shops on every corner, to men pushing ice-cream trolleys up and down the streets… There’s ice-cream everywhere.That’s a double chocolate scoop! My favourite…


Nicaragua is beautiful! Sure it’s rustic and can be quite dirty in parts, but the ocean views are amazing…


Things We Love About Nicaragua

We arrived in the dry season, and it was HOT! Very hot… Depending on where you are in the country it can be pretty stifling. But in the evenings, it’s bliss! From 6pm I was in heaven… Sitting on a hammock, reading my book!


Things We Love About Nicaragua

Once we got the hang of it, it was a breeze to catch chicken buses all over the country!They’re called “Chicken Buses”… Stand on the road and flag them down.


Unless you’re in San Juan Del Sur, the country is pretty cheap… We had tacos for R10! Bus trips for R8! It’s all very affordable… Of course in San Juan Del Sur that all flies out the window, and prices triple.Only 20 Cordobas for a taco!

On the flip-side…

Although we’ve just listed the five things we love about Nicaragua. There are a few things we could live without. Here are our pet peeves.


The first few nights I was in Nicaragua I was covered in Mosquito bites! And along with mosquitos you had a ton of flying bugs around (most I’d never seen before). By day 2 I didn’t even flinch if a bug flew near me… But the worst was sleeping at night and having little bugs join you in bed! It would always result in me flying out of the bed, waking up Tyrone and doing a full bedroom sweep for all insects of any kind.Count them… 9 mosquito bites in one night!


It’s like gold in Nicaragua! Besides from a few hotels, almost no one has a swimming pool. For those that allowed people to use their pools, you could be charged anything from $5 to $10 per person…


Did I mention it was HOT!


The litter was a real shock for me, there is litter everywhere… It covers the side of the road and is washed up on all the beaches. It can really distract from how beautiful the country is.

That’s a quick sum up of the things we enjoyed, as well as the things we could live without… I’m sure this wont be the last time we’re in the country!Our last day walking the beach in San Juan Del Sur

Here Are Our Top 10 Highlights So Far in Nicaragua


Things We Love About Nicaragua

I love this little fishing village! I wanted to start off our travel adventure with a quiet place, rather than beginning in the deep end of some busy city. Boy, did I get quiet! But you can’t forget the 10min sunsets in La Boquita, or the birds on crack and crazy bugs. Finally our friendly hosts – Mike and Beth. They actually worked for a circus. Did I tell you that? It still cracks me up.Our first Nicaraguan sunset #nofilter


Things We Love About Nicaragua

This is one of Tyrone’s favourite places in Nicaragua… I hate it, and I’ll tell that to anyone who will listen. Tyrone loved the ocean, the sun and the friendly vibe of the beach town (also, the fact that they spoke English was a major plus). I will admit that we had an awesome boat trip, swimming in the middle of the Pacific and catching some fish which was then prepared for dinner. That boat trip is definitely one of my highlights for 2015.Just finished the boat trip… Now time for some fishy dinner!


Crepes in Ometepe is a must! Our one day trip to the small island started off a bit rocky. The ferry was cancelled, and we almost died inhaling the coal fumes from the boat that carried us to Ometepe. But once we got to the small town, it was just magical! So beautiful… Did I mention the cheap, massive crepes drowned in Nutella? Can’t go wrong.Tyrone walking into the island of Ometepe


Once we realised Nicaragua wasn’t the place we wanted to spend months in, we headed to Playas Del Coco in Costa Rica. This is what Tyrone and I fondly refer to as The Month Of Perfection. It was paradise. White sandy beaches, a pool and jacuzzi, a room with hot water and an aircon! Just bliss… Of course, I couldn’t find a job down there so that was a bummer. But it was a great month pretending to be beach bums in Costa Rica.Paradise in Playas Del Coco


We left the beautiful Pacific coast so I could get a job as an English teacher – our little savings was getting a bit too low for my liking. It turns out, I freaking love this job.My students!


This year was the first time Tyrone and I actually got to see Bafana Bafana in action! And they won… The vibe of the stadium was indescribable, and I sang the shit out of our national anthem.afana Bafana giving it all they’ve got.


When you think of Costa Rica one of the images that should pop into your head is of lush tropical forests… The closest I’ve gotten to that is a Parque Del Este. It was awesome walking through the park, seeing different plants and taking pics of all the things we spotted.Crossing the bridge…


On our most recent border run we spent 4 days in Granada, Nicaragua. It is now one of my favourite little cities in the world. The beautiful colonial buildings, the clean cobble stone streets and the friendly people… It’s also super cheap! I love love love this place!The view from our hotel roof…


One of my students – Ariela – invited me to a traditional Christmas lunch at her home on 12 Dec. She didn’t want Tyrone and I to feel all depressed and lonely over the festive season. She also lent me her old Christmas tree so we could spruce up our room with some Christmas cheer.

The lunch was phenomenal. Her family didn’t hold back. We had mashed potatoes, rice, a grape salad, roast pork, vegetables… You name it, she had it on the table. It was so good to sit down to a real home cooked meal.

For tea, Ariela also let us try Tamales – the traditional Christmas food in Costa Rica. It can be described as a parcel of starchy dough that includes some vegetable and pork (you do get other fillings), that’s then steamed in banana leaves before being unwrapped and eaten. I’m not a big fan, but Tyrone loved it.Christmas lunch

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