Best places to stay in Bali

What are the best places to stay in bali ? Should I take a hotel room or stay in a private appartement? What is the best part in Bali for shopping? chilling? partying? We give you the answer to all your questions in this article

It is an easy and hard question to answer at the same time. It all depends by what you mean by “the best”. Anyway, we will try to give you the places and possibilities we think are the best according to different situations and scenarios.

#1 – Next to the airport

It could be a very good idea to stay next to the airport of Bali: Denpasar airport.

Especially for the first and last day of your stay in Bali. This will let you avoid all the problems with taxis: high prices, non respect of the time, stress, scams…

places to stay in Bali

It is true that reserving a hotel could be a little bit costy compared to other places but trust me it really worth it. In addition, if you reserve in advance and do the right search over the internet. You can find some real interresting offer (especially in low season).

Some Hotels are really close to the airport and you can get to them with 5 minutes walking!

Moreover, the airport in Bali is very well located. A few minutes of walking will drive you to the center of the city where you can find malls, waterparks, restaurants and more…

Also it’ll be very easy to find taxies, tourism centers and all you need to move and enjoy your holidays.

#2 – Stay in Legian

Legian is a long famous street of Bali. Popular as the best place to enjoy Nightlife in Bali. So if you like calm and relax this is probably not the best spot for you (just move to the next proposition).

However if you do like loud music, drinking and dancing all over the night. This is really one of the best places to stay in bali. It is really very easy to cross and meet new people here. There are many club all around the street.

best places to stay in Bali

After 10 pm, Legian is really the most living part of the island. You’re not obliged to stay there to enjoy nightlife of Bali. But if really do like party and amusement. It could be a great advantage to get back home walking especially if you drink more than a beer.

#3 – A villa in Ubud

Ubud is a very special part of Bali. It has a bunch of cultural diversity with a magic frame of Nature. Which makes it the best place to relaxe and meditate. Thus, if you love yoga, meditation or just relaxe. A villa in Ubud is exactly what you need.

The prices of villas vary depending of the level of luxury they offer. Some of them can be really cheap (about $40). But if you’d like to relaxe in the pool and enjoy your cocktail in the water in front of a splendid rice field. You will have to spend a few hundreds of dollars per night.

The best part is that Ubud is a place where most people are Hindu. Thus, most of their houses are like temples. Which makes you feel being in a luxury temple. An amazing feeling that really worth trying.

Between Bali and Lombok there is a set of three islands (more details about the subject on the “where is bali located” aticle) : Gili

  • Trawangan (a.k.a Gili T)
  • Air
  • Meno

For our subject we focus here in Gili Trawangan as it is the biggest one of the three islands and the most interresting for our subject.

There are two sides of Gili Trawangan islands:

Port side

When you arrive to the island your fast boat will land here. From here you can see Gili meno and Lombok.

This side is the living part of the island.You can find most markets, restaurants and activities of the island (Diving and snorkeling). It is also where you can enjoy nightlife of Gili with many dacing polls and open restaurants of sea food.

Thus, to enjoy all these benefits, the best thing you can do is to take a private room in a shared villa. Shared villas in Gili are generally equiped with swiming pools, wifi and offer very nice breakfasts every morning. Best of all they’re really cheap.

Clearly, you maybe desire to have a private Villa. But see in your shared Villa an opportunity to meet new friends and discover new cultures. Most of all, the value for money is really fantastic!

Beach side

On the other side of the island we have a long cost where you can’t see a lot but some very beautiful beaches. Just perfect to swim, chill and relaxe. To get here from your shared villa you have to walking for like 30 minutes or about 10 minutes using a bike.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of the beach side, the best way is to book a room in one of the hotels available there.

The beach side have really profitable when it comes to enjoy good views like sunset. As you can see on the image there are some swings on the coast where you can freely play and sit to watch the sunset.

Maybe you can find the price for the hotel a bit higher than a shared Villa but when you see the profit value, it really worth picking that choice.

First of all, staying in the hotel, means water free. And water in Bali is really needed. As the water in rooms is never good to drink, the water is hot. Thus, you always have to go to a market take a couple bottle of waters. When you’re inside the hotel. No problem! Free bottle of water are served in your room and you can even find a fridge in the hall with free cups of water.

Moreover, most of hotels in Bali offers bikes for free and with a very good quality. Consequently, no need to negociate everyday and look for a bike to move around the island.

The best part, most hotels have private spots just in front of the beach where you can stay under the shadow or the hot sun. Enjoying the splendid look of the sea all the day and finally enjoy one of the best sunset you can see your whole life! At this time you will also be able to clearly see Ubud volcanos. Just amazing!

Finally, thanks to the free bikes, staying in a hotel on the beach side could be perfect to enjoy the beach in the day, then enjoy nightlife on the other side by the night.

As you saw in this article it vary a lot depending on your need. If you like relaxing or enjoying life with loud music. It is also a matter of budget.

We hope that we helped you to have some idea of where you can stay in Bali for your next holidays.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to mention it in the comment section bellow. In case you liked our best places to stay in bali article, please share it through social networks.

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